Nestlé deploys the first private 5G network in LATAM

A digital revolution is underway in Latin America following the deployment of the region’s first autonomous 5G private network with a 100% on-premises network architecture, which operates completely independently of the public mobile network. The result of a collaboration between Nestlé, Ericsson and communication service providers Claro and Embratel, this state-of-the-art solution is also a world first for Nestlé. It signals the shift from an automated factory to an autonomous factory – a transformation that aligns with the company’s Industry 4.0 aspirations.

The Ericsson Private 5G solution enables fast data processing – network data transfer speeds up to 25 times faster than 4G – and is particularly suitable for supporting business-critical applications that require ultra-short millisecond response times.

The high data volume and low latency of 5G will make a significant difference to Nestlé’s industrial environment by transforming the way they work, further leveraging the company’s focus on the smart factory and improving productivity, efficiency and workplace safety. The project uses frequencies for experimental use authorized by Claro.

In recent years, Nestlé has taken advantage of emerging technologies, such as robotics, automation, artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML), virtual reality and autonomous vehicle (AGV) operation. With the autonomous 5G private network in place, its entire digital ecosystem will become even more reliable and comprehensive, enabling new innovative use cases. This new solution sets an example for other manufacturers looking to embrace the digital transformation of the smart factory.

The private, closed cellular network will also enhance network security, with sensitive data remaining exclusively on the plant’s local network.

Marcelo Melchior, CEO of Nestlé Brazil, says: “Nestlé’s national operation will be a benchmark in an unprecedented project in which it will be able to perceive the benefits of 5G for Industry 4.0. Together with our partners, who have believed in this pioneering project from the start, we will provide greater optimization of the operation, in order to achieve significant productivity and efficiency indices for the industry. This is a new step in the innovation and digital transformation journey led by Nestlé in the country, in particular in our Caçapava factory, known for developing new technologies which are then implemented in other industrial units of the company.

Gustavo Moura, Operations Digital Transformation Program Manager, Nestlé Brazil, said: “5G private networks offer a new reality for the industry. For us, the benefits include changing and simplifying the physical factory environment and being able to connect a large number of devices to the same network. Being the first to implement this solution in Latin America is an exciting growth opportunity. »

Rodrigo Dienstmann, President for Latin America Southern Cone, Ericsson, said: “This new solution addresses the new challenges and needs of industries by helping them to rapidly advance their digital transformation. From the ground up, Ericsson’s 5G private network solution was designed to allow organizations to manage their networks and integrate with operator management systems. The solution is highly resistant to intrusions and attacks, and ensures that critical business operations meet the strictest security requirements. It also provides reliable, comprehensive coverage across the entire site, both internally and externally, making it easy to manage while allowing full control over devices connected to the network without any additional cost per gigabyte of data.

José Formoso, CEO of Embratel, said: “5G offers new opportunities for innovation and is a crucial part of Industry 4.0, providing the right infrastructure, support, stability and latency. 5G enables the next level of digitization through the construction of an autonomous factory and will greatly benefit Nestlé’s digital investments, increasing the operational efficiency of the manufacturing unit. In addition, very innovative new applications can be implemented. The installed ecosystem is fully integrated into the operation of Nestlé so that the factory can make the most of its created value chain.

Rodrigo Modesto Duclos, Director of Innovation and Digital, said: “Claro and Embratel believe that collaboration is the best way to create solutions and companies that have a significant positive impact on the economy and society. We created our innovation hub, beOn Claro, to enable interaction and dialogue with other agents in the open innovation community. The goal is to generate hardware and software-based businesses that solve problems in innovative and efficient ways. All of this using Claro’s assets such as technology, infrastructure and talent to accelerate and grow new businesses serving various industries. The partnership with Nestlé helps advance the practical applications of Industry 4.0.

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