Roma refuse to pay Arsenal price for Xhaka – talks in limbo


Since the end of the Euro, we have heard virtually nothing about Granit Xhaka’s much-advertised transfer to Rome, and apart from my much maligned opinion that Xhaka will not be leaving Arsenal this summer, the rumors seemed to have dried up. .

But the reason seems to have been revealed today by CorriereDelloSport, who has proclaimed that Roma still want the Swiss captain, and apparently Xhaka wants Roma, but Mikel Arteta refuses to budge on the asking price of 20million.

The Italian report says… ..

Xhaka wants Roma, but Arsenal don’t lower demands

There will be at least three purchases, if all goes as planned in the technical program. The first is obviously Granit Xhaka, who spends his vacation days waiting for the right call from his agent. The story is clear: Xhaka promised himself at Roma and made a deal with Mourinho two months ago, and also made his wishes at Arsenal. M. He can’t take it anymore and the rest depends on the clubs. For the moment, the deal is far away, as Rome does not intend to pay 20 million. Xhaka is the director who would complete the midfield, adding intelligence and geometry, perfect for the 4-2-3-1. Tiago Pinto will try to defer the payment, as has already happened with Rui Patricio, to postpone the investment for better times. But on this point it seems that Arsenal does not hear us.

It is well known that the Chinese owners of Inter have serious problems in the Chinese stock market and cannot release any funds for transfers, and like many clubs, are trying to secure loans for incoming players rather than pay in cash. they must therefore be very frugal on the market.

Second, Xhaka has two more years on his contract, so Arsenal are under no pressure to let go of their most consistent midfielder from last season, and are just as likely to be able to sell him for a reasonable price the next summer.

Of course, my personal take is that Xhaka wouldn’t want to leave the Gunners just yet anyway as he would have to upset his wife who is caring for a 3 month old baby and a 2 year old toddler. I doubt she would like to move to another new country right now …

So I stick to my belief that Xhaka is not going anywhere this summer

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