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The Internet of Behavior is a link between technology and human psychology that gives it the power to generate models and influence human behavior.

It’s still in the early stages, but has been able to garner a lot of attention from tech experts with its mention in “Gartner’s Top Strategic Tech Trends for 2021”. Gartner predicted that “By the end of 2025, more than half of the world’s population will be subject to at least one IoB program, whether commercial or government.

Source: BMC Blog on “What is the Internet of Behaviors?” IoB explained “

Gartner recognizes IoB as a behavioral science that can be viewed in four key ways: raises, decisions, emotions and companionship

From the perspective of human psychology, IoB not only understands data correctly, but also applies its understanding to innovate, create and promote new products / services

Currently, most businesses understand purchasing behavior from information provided by consumers through the interaction between them and the business application. The information collected while interacting through smart devices such as smart phones and its interconnection with other smart devices such as cameras and voice assistance has the power to understand consumers’ likes / dislikes, their spending , etc.

It helps organizations optimize their data from sources such as social media, geolocation, facial recognition, and citizen data from government agencies. This data is eventually added and used to influence the purchasing behavior of consumers.

The IoB takes data processing to another level, connecting the collected data of human behavior with behavioral analysis and science. This behavioral data will play a fundamental role in planning and developing strategies for organizations, especially in sales and marketing.

It has the ability to analyze data collected from consumers (such as consumers’ food choices, how they shop, their preferred travel destination, people with whom and how they interact) and use it to advertise products more effectively and improvise the overall user of a product or service experience, thus fulfilling their ultimate goal of selling the product. With such capabilities, it aims to generate substantial improvement in the development of the sales industry.

For example, a health app that can track sleep patterns, heart rate, or blood sugar, can alert users to adverse health situations and suggest behavior changes for a positive result. Such information could prove to be very important for businesses by providing them with a deeper insight into how they should channel their marketing efforts.

According to Gartner, “The same portable devices that health insurance companies use to track physical activity to lower premiums could also be used to monitor grocery purchases; too many unhealthy items could increase premiums.

GBKSOFT, a software company, has helped golfers improve their playing skills by correcting their existing hitting technique and learning new techniques with its app and portable device. Golfers can plug in their portable device and connect it to their cell phone, every time the golfer hits the ball, the app records and analyzes its impact. Thus, the golfer can not only improvise by analyzing his error, but also follow any trajectory or strike force.

Tech giants such as Facebook, Google and Amazon are constantly monitoring and working on algorithms to configure and anticipate consumer desires and behaviors

Covid has brought wider acceptance of the IoB for monitoring human behavior. IoB can be an extremely effective method of preventing the spread of the virus. For example, computer vision or facial recognition can be used to determine whether or not employees are adhering to mask protocols. While electronic devices such as RFID tags and sensors on employees or in the environment can be used to check whether they wash or sanitize their hands regularly or not. Loudspeakers can be used to warn people who violate such protocols.

The Test and Trace app on smart devices can be used by government agencies to monitor and restrict the location and activities of people to ensure their chances of contacting the virus, while effectively improving overall public welfare.

While the IoB has great potential to improve our lives, it also has negative aspects, with cybersecurity being the main concern. It can provide access to cybercriminals with not only behavioral data such as consumers’ buying habits or likes / dislikes, but also provide access to their bank code, through which they can create advanced scams and pass phishing to another level.

Additionally, data generated by social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is changing the dynamics of the value chain, and companies are taking advantage of this opportunity to change human behaviors. It goes well with the saying “If you don’t pay, you are no longer the customer, you are the product sold”

Some people might view behavior monitoring as an invasion of their privacy. “China’s social credit system”A Chinese government-based surveillance program is one example, which includes all the features of judging citizens’ behavior and trustworthiness. With this system, the government supports good human behavior and discourages bad behavior. It does not go well with people who value their civil rights.

Additionally, laws regarding IoT vary widely, and since IoB has much more sensitive data, government and private organizations need to establish strong privacy laws to provide legal consistency.

According to Gartner, “Much of the scope and execution of an IoB will depend on local privacy laws, which can affect how and how data can be used.”

Regardless of the apprehensions expressed above, the IoB has the ability to make our lives easier, whether it’s improving business, encouraging us to lead healthy lives, or keeping us safe in the event of a pandemic. . Any government or private organization that implements IoB must ensure that it has strict cybersecurity and data protection laws.


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