Top 30 Space Executives To Watch In 2021: Lockheed Martin’s Stacy Kubicek



Stacy Kubicek, Lockheed Martin

Since 2020, Stacy Kubicek has led Lockheed Martin’s space business line which develops, delivers and operates mission-critical solutions for space programs with clients in the defense and intelligence communities.

Mission Solutions provides enterprise, cloud and application solutions for the management, processing and analysis of space mission data. And ground systems operations and unit sustainment efforts advance future space capabilities.

“We strive to ensure that critical missions stay ahead of evolving threats,” Kubicek said. “By supporting joint command and control operations across all domains, we are delivering advanced capabilities to provide greater interoperability of the battlespace and to transmit decision data to the fighter more quickly.”

The cutting-edge technology that its Mission Solutions team brings to the fight include digital transformation tools such as digital twins and software factories; industry leadership in agile / DevSecOps and cloud services; move data processing to the edge using an advanced mesh network; use artificial intelligence and machine learning to process data even faster; and cyber-engineering efforts to strengthen critical satellite operations against attacks.

Why watch

In February, under Kubicek’s leadership, Lockheed Martin joined the Department of Defense’s Platform One program, where the company will use its DevSecOps expertise to enable faster software development and deployment and provide ongoing software updates to customers. fighters.

Lockheed Martin’s developments in 5G space solutions will also have a wide range of potential defense, civil and commercial applications. This includes commercial mobile services, as well as joint interoperable communications in all areas for government and military users in contested environments and where communications are prohibited.

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